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My Style and Approach to Weddings

Greystone Wedding Reception in Rochester NY

I cover much of the day in a documentary-Photojournalist style- Capturing moments of connection and joy is an important part of what I do.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Rochester NY

I do my best to be sensitive and unobtrusive. Couples and guests are often surprised to find that I had captured a moment during which they didn’t know I was there. 

Wedding Photography in Rochester, NY

Prior to the wedding I try to learn as much about the vision my clients have for their wedding as I can.  This communication is important as it allows me to pre-imagine the finished wedding album in my head before the day which helps me create images they will love.  

Genesee Country Village Wedding

With formal group pictures I lean toward a natural style, while still using my studio experience to help you look your best. My goal while photographing the wedding party, is to keep things light and fun. 

Buschnel's Basin Wedding

Throughout the wedding day I keep an eye out for beautiful natural light that you can step into. When great natural light isn’t available I rely on off camera studio lighting to flatter my subjects and communicate the mood that fits the scene and emotion.  

  If the schedule changes or the weather is uncooperative I can still get great images. My easy style and experience helps me to accommodate the unexpected.

Genessee Country Village Wedding Reception

Extra awesome reception photos are also a specialty of mine. I use a number of technical tricks like lens selection and use of using off camera lighting to convey the fun and excitement of the party. 

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